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 About Claudio Vögele


C-Real is a real estate company managed by the owner Claudio Vögele. The 48-year-old from the canton of Zurich has always been fascinated by the real estate market.


"I grew up in a beautiful family house and I know about the roots of the place that is called home. I know first-hand that emotions are involved in a sale. With my empathy, I can accompany you competently and will stand by your side to help you find new ways to pursue your goals together.


Australia, Spain, India, Thailand, Lucerne, Geneva or Lugano: I've lived in many places and learned to understand cultural differences. In multicultural Switzerland, my language skills are a decisive advantage, especially when dealing with expats. At heart, I represent the Helvetian virtues: quality, authenticity, honesty and reliability.


My professional career led me from the administrator and organizer in a real estate SME to the owner of a real estate AG.


I love challenges - be it in the business world or in private as in climbing, snowboarding as well as in everyday life with my family." 


Claudio Vögele, CEO and founder

Graduated Swiss property broker

About C-Real


The world is spinning, it is always changing. C-Real being positive about changes adapts and takes advantage of new technologies. When something new arises out of the old and when the future dives in a different direction from the past, we will accompany you in this process.


Change is one thing, being constant is the other. With Claudio Vögele, C-Real has an experienced real estate professional who is well networked and has a remarkable team.


Real estate is our passion. Because living is more than a basic need and we want to contribute to the well-being of our society - "to love and to care for". English is also our company name "C-Real". Translated means "see the reality, the true, the real". And we want to achieve that: Objective reality and real goals.


In this sense, we are happy to assist you in the sale or purchase of a property or advise you comprehensively, honestly, competently, transparently as  well as professionally. Completely without obligations.


C-Real Real Estate is the real estate partner in your region!



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